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Level-Up Your Internal Marketing and Sales Teams

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We build custom training and workshops to give marketers, sales professionals, and executives the insights, tools, and processes needed to build performance-driven marketing teams.

Get expert insight and hands-on training for things like:

  • Strategic growth plans and tactics.
  • Editorial planning and implementation processes.
  • Inbound sales.

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How Workshops Can Help

If you’ve experienced a significant period of growth or are trying to grapple with tools and tactics, workshops are a great way to bring the expertise in-house for a deep dive. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting started with video marketing.
  • Using social media to generate leads.
  • Creating and promoting content.
  • Maximizing technology, CRMs, and marketing automation such as Hubspot.

At Simple Strat, our tech-savvy modern marketers can help advance your team’s knowledge and skills, and drive digital marketing transformation within your organization.

Benefits of Training and Workshops


Build out the skill sets of your team as a benefit to both the company and employees in their career.

Expert Insight

With our workshops, you don’t have to sift through industry information. Get the latest tips and insights custom tailored for you.

Real-World Application

At Simple Strat, we’re a big fan of learning by doing. Each workshop has an element of interactive application to turn knowledge into action.

Getting Started

Every company is different, so we’ll need to talk through your current challenges and the types of information that would best serve your team. Workshops and trainings may take different shapes and forms, including:

  • Half-day sessions
  • Weekly lunch ‘n’ learns
  • Full-day seminars
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group-style presentations

Take advantage of external expertise in equipping your team to get results. Contact us today to get started.

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