Video Production

Leverage the Power of Video in Everything You Do

Why Video?

Video marketing is no longer a luxury reserved for TV commercials. It’s a critical component of every marketing strategy, helping you to educate, nurture, and connect with your audience in a powerful way.

At Simple Strat, we don’t just produce high-end, flashy videos. We help you truly integrate video into your entire marketing funnel with:

  • Video content strategy development.
  • Training and consulting for everyday, internal video and live video production.
  • Assistance with integrating video into your sales processes.
  • Top-quality production for when you do need those high-end videos to elevate your brand.

Interested in getting started?

Simple Strat Content Marketing

Why Now?

The research is clear – people are watching more video content than ever before and businesses that use video in their marketing are seeing better returns than those that aren’t. Video marketing isn’t the future, it’s the present. If any of the challenges below are preventing you from fully embracing video, we can help.

  • Understanding or convincing stakeholders of the value of video marketing.
  • Getting better results from video.
  • Fitting video into a budget.
  • Knowing where to start.
  • Knowing how to create engaging content.

Benefits of Video Marketing with Simple Strat


We don’t make videos just to get you more views. We integrate them into every piece of your marketing strategy in a way that actually improves the bottom line.


We like making Super Bowl commercial quality videos as much as the next agency. But we also love helping companies get comfortable putting their people on camera in a way that builds trust with customers and prospects.


We believe video is too important to leave 100% in someone else’s hands – even ours. That’s why we empower companies to produce more video content internally when practical.

Getting Started

Rolling out a new video marketing strategy or improving an existing one can be an involved process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. We’ll start by helping you:

  • Understand how to get the most out of a high-production-value video we’re producing for you.
  • Discover existing content that can be repurposed into video content.
  • Develop a plan for incorporating the right videos at various places in your marketing and sales funnel for the best results.
  • Determine which types of videos you can produce internally and processes for doing so.

If you’re looking to incorporate video throughout your marketing and sales strategies, the best place to start is with a Simple Strat Blueprint. It’ll give you a full audit of your current marketing and a clear plan for moving forward. We can’t wait to share our passion for video and what it can do with you and your company!

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