Explore Careers

Scroll down to view current openings and learn about life at Simple Strat.

Explore Careers

Scroll down to view job openings and learn about life at Simple Strat.

“What’s it like to work at Simple Strat?”

That’s a good question – and one that comes up often in interviews, conversations, and internship reviews.

Rather than compile a list of buzzword-y adjectives, we thought it would be best to let you hear direct from our employees.

Watch the video to learn about workplace culture and what employees think about their role in our fast-growing company.

Reasons to Love Simple Strat

Career Growth
Marketing is always changing and we want you to grow with it—from conferences to online training.

Monthly Team Events
We firmly believe the team that plays together, stays together (and does great work).

Unlimited Vacation (FT)
We measure output, not desk time. We trust you to do your best work and take a break when you need it.

Technology Budget
Get the technology you need to do your job. Let us know and we’ll provide it or full time employees can receive a stipend to buy their own.

Awesome Location
Our office is in the historic Haymarket District in Lincoln. We’ll cover parking, plus who doesn’t love exposed brick?

Competitive Pay
Being a young company doesn’t mean we’re cheap. We want to hire the best and we know you’re worth it.

Behind the Scenes

Think You'll Fit In?

If so, take a look at the job openings at our company. We hope you find something that’s perfect for your skills and ambitions.

Current Openings


Full-Time Position (40 hrs/week)

As an Account Coordinator, you will work with Account Strategists and the production team to achieve client goals, communicate processes, and ensure marketing strategies are executed within defined time frames and budget. Primary responsibilities include client communication, marketing coordination and planning, and management of client projects. Strong relational and organizational skills are required.


Full-Time Position (40 hrs/week)

As an Account Strategist, you will work closely with the agency owners and your clients to develop research-backed strategies for achieving your clients’ goals. You’ll also be responsible for communicating those strategies to the production team and ensuring that they’re properly delivered, all while keeping your clients happy and informed.

PPC/SEO Specialist

Full-Time Position (40 hrs/week)

As a PPC/SEO Specialist, you will be responsible for strategizing, implementing, and analyzing paid and organic traffic campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to, SEO campaigns including keyword research, backlink building, on-page copy; as well as paid social campaigns, Google Ads, and DSP management.

Graphic Design Intern

Part-Time Position (40 hrs/week)

As the graphic design intern, you will be responsible for art production on multiple digital marketing campaigns, assisting the team on design projects, and designing in-house marketing assets for blogs, social media, and web under the direction and guidance of the Director of Visual Strategy.

Our Values

Marketing is not a one-stop project, but encompasses every part of the brand experience. This is as important in our client companies as it is in our own.

Great marketing begins with enthusiasm. We’re excited about what we do and this shows in every interaction.

We are fiercely committed to our clients’ success, and we truly care about every relationship—from our team and clients to vendors and contractors.

Marketing is always changing. We’re hungry to learn and never afraid to dig in and discover new things.

Communication is key, but it needs to be concise and compelling. Use words wisely and be straightforward. Clear expectations pave the way to greater creativity.

All team members—no matter their level or title—are vaults of amazing ideas. The company gets better when you share all your ideas, not just the ones you think will work.

Meet the Team

Ali Schwanke

Ali Schwanke

CEO | Marketing Strategist

Ali Schwanke is founder, CEO and Marketing Strategist of Simple Strat. With a fierce strategy mind, she helps clients approach marketing from a business perspective. As an entrepreneur, Ali has a proven track record of marketing success.

Tyler Samani-Sprunk

Tyler Samani-Sprunk

Chief Marketing Officer

Tyler Samani-Sprunk leads our marketing and strategic partnership efforts at Simple Strat. He uses his experience in running his own agency and his passion for helping business owners fulfill their dreams to help us and our clients grow.

Branden Bopp

Branden Bopp

Director of Visual Strategy

Branden Bopp is a graphic designer with over a decade of professional experience in marketing and creative. He excels at helping clients create, build, or refine their visual branding and execute on their marketing plan.

Jason Luong

Jason Luong

Video Production Manager

Jason Luong is our video ninja, also known as the Video Production Manager. Jason has an eye for the creative and brings strategic video ideas to our clients. His experience as a business owner helps offer clients the vision they need to grow.

Ali Roth

Ali Roth

Content Strategist

Ali Roth is a lover of words and data—which makes content marketing her niche. Her past experience on an in-house marketing team helps her dream big for our clients and create content that motivates and inspires.

Liz Rudloff

Liz Rudloff

Project Manager

Liz is our rockstar project manager who makes sure we’re always moving...in the right direction! Her project management experience allows her to always be one step ahead, keeping us organized and on track to meet campaign goals and deadlines.

Brandi Javorsky

Brandi Javorsky

Account Coordinator

Brandi is our account coordinator and resident idea connoisseur. She comes to the team with a strong design and branding background that helps her see the big picture for our clients as they start their digital marketing journey.

Payton Prall

Payton Prall

Inbound Specialist

Payton takes "intern status" to a whole new level with her mad marketing skills! When she isn't showing off her social media expertise or attending an event for her sorority, she is studying for her ADPR and Journalism classes at UNL.