Simple Strat Blueprint

Building a Marketing Strategy and a Roadmap for Growth

Why a blueprint?

The Simple Strat Blueprint is a guide for building a marketing strategy that actually works to move the needle for your business. It’s a customized roadmap for success based 100% on your company and, more importantly, your ideal customers.

At the end of this process, you’ll get:

  • A clearer understanding of the type of content you need to create to attract and convert leads
  • How customers prefer to interact with you and how this plays out through content in the buyer’s journey
  • An inbound marketing strategy and plan outlining the specific marketing tactics you can use to fill in gaps in your content marketing foundation, attract more leads, and close more sales.

Interested in getting started?

Why now?

There are a lot of reasons why companies choose to invest in the marketing and strategy process with Simple Strat, but the top 3 reasons include:

  • “We want to have a more cohesive and well-thought out plan to market to our target audience and attract prospects to our website.”
  • “Our competitors are doing X and we feel like we need a strong approach to compete with them in the market.”
  • “We know we need to do inbound marketing with content, but we’re not sure how to get started or get better results from our efforts.”

With the insights of your target audience and specific personas, you can move to a personalized marketing model that leverages data and creative more effectively to increase the number of qualified leads and close more sales.

Benefits of the Simple Strat Blueprint


Gain understanding and insights about your industry, customers, and the best plan of action for results.


Having an outside perspective often brings light to things like essential pieces that are missing from your content marketing program.


With a well-defined marketing strategy and plan, you can begin executing immediately on both program goals and foundational fixes.

Getting Started

For our team to get a solid understanding of where you are today and where you want to go, we’ll inevitably ask for access to resources and information about your company. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Company goals
  • Audience information – demographics and psychographics
  • Data or analytics
  • Access to any marketing or sales platform you may use
  • Any past research that has been completed

Prior to kicking off the blueprint process, we’ll talk through the rest of the requirements for our team to take a deep dive into your marketing. We’re excited to help your company establish a marketing roadmap, build your thought leadership, and attract more customers!

Start your Blueprint Process