Search Engine Optimization

Drive the Right People to Your Website with Tactics That Work


Drive the Right People to Your Website with Tactics That Work


Drive the Right People to Your Website with Tactics That Work

What Even Is SEO Anyway?

It seems like everyone and their dog claims to be an SEO expert these days, but don’t be fooled. It takes much more than just scattering some keywords throughout your website or posting a 500-word blog post every once in awhile.

We use a mix of the following to make sure you’re showing up in more searches, more often:

  • Website architecture and on-page optimization best practices
  • Keyword and customer research
  • Backlink and relationship building
  • Development of best-in-class web content
  • Detailed analytics to track performance

Interested in getting started?

Simple Strat Content Marketing

Why Now?

Search engines like Google have gotten much smarter over the past couple of years, but most companies are using the same SEO strategies they always have. If any of the following describes your company, it’s time to level up your SEO strategies:

  • Organic traffic makes up a small percentage of your total web traffic.
  • You have low, declining, or stagnant web traffic.
  • Your competition shows up before you in Google.
  • Your website isn’t generating high-quality leads for your business.

Benefits of Simple Strat SEO

Lasting Results

SEO done right generates a return on investment that lasts for years.

Quality Traffic

We’re not just getting random people to go to your website, we’re increasing the number of visitors who are interested in the products and services you offer.


We help you own the topics you care about online, making sure people think of your brand as the authority on those topics.

Getting Started

Great SEO always starts with a thorough understanding of the problems your products or services solve, and how your potential buyers talk about those problems. To make sure we start there, we’ll begin by:

  • Researching your customers
  • Researching search data and trends
  • Auditing your website to discover quick-win optimization opportunities

The Simple Strat Blueprint is a great place to start, with a full audit of your current marketing, detailed customer research, and a clear plan for moving forward. We can’t wait to see you on the first page of Google!

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