Sales Process Automation

Close More Sales in Less Time

The Future is Here

What could your salespeople do with more time? What if we could make their lives easier with more automation and information, so they could spend more of their time building relationships and less time on repetitive tasks?

With sales process automation, that’s exactly what we do. We can:

  • Set up a CRM that automatically tracks their activity – less data entry!
  • Better align marketing and sales for higher quality leads and more context about those leads.
  • Set up notifications for things like when a prospect opens an email, visits your pricing page, watches a video, or views your proposal.
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as scheduling appointments, sending follow-ups, drafting emails, and more.
  • Implement predictive lead scoring.

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Why Now?

The technology required to automate your sales activities is relatively new, but many companies aren’t waiting to jump on board. Making your sales team more efficient than your competition is a great way to get ahead. If you’ve ever dealt with any of the following, it’s time to bring some automation into your sales processes:

  • Prospects falling through the cracks because follow-ups were forgotten or delayed.
  • Hiring more salespeople because your current team’s workload is maxed out.
  • Constantly having to remind salespeople to track information in your CRM.
  • Low, stagnant, or declining numbers from your sales team.
  • Difficulties in scaling your sales team as your company grows.

Benefits of Sales Process Automation with Simple Strat


Let software handle repetitive tasks so your people can do what they do best – build relationships and close sales.


Know more about your leads and their behavior so you can deliver the right sales message at the right time, increasing your chance of closing the deal.


Sales process automation ensures that all your salespeople have the information and tactics they need to deliver a high-quality buying experience for your customers.

Getting Started

Anytime there’s a change in your sales process, getting buy-in from your sales team is critically important. That’s why we focus on significantly making their lives easier rather than just making a bunch of frivolous changes. To make sure we’re making changes that matter, we’ll start by:

  • Analyzing your current sales performance to identify what’s working and what’s not.
  • Developing a thorough understanding of how your sales team operates today.
  • Reviewing the tools your sales team uses to do their jobs to discover what can stay and what needs to change.

Before getting started with sales process automation, we highly recommend the Simple Strat Blueprint to give you a crystal clear look at where you are now, who your customers are, and a solid plan for moving forward. We can’t wait to help you create a happier, more effective sales team!

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