Sales Collateral

Arming Your Sales Team with the Tools They Need to Close the Deal

Oldest Trick In The Book

Sales brochures and leave-behinds have been helping sales people for centuries, but they’re not all created equal. Combining our design, writing, and marketing prowess, our team can create sales collateral that engages and informs your prospects, rather than decorating the inside of their recycling bins.

Some common types of sales collateral we create include:

  • Sell sheets to help leads quickly digest information.
  • Brochures to educate prospects on your company’s products and services.
  • Educational guides or resources.

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When do you need sales collateral?

Sales collateral is a collection of tools used to support your sales efforts. While there are multiple reasons for creating new sales collateral, the most common are:

  • Product or service launches
  • Hosting an event or attending a tradeshow
  • Refreshing your brand look or messaging
  • Increasing the number or quality of in-person meetings
  • Creating the “thud-factor” – building your credibility by bringing high-quality, tangible takeaways to your meetings

Three C’s you get with Simple Strat Sales Collateral


Sales collateral allows your entire sales team to present the same information to their leads.


High-quality design and polished messaging show your prospects that your company is the real deal.


Sales collateral provides buyers with insightful and high-quality content tailored to help them make a purchase decision.

Getting Started

Sales collateral is about more than just looking pretty. Good collateral uses thoughtful design and clear messaging to accomplish a goal. With that in mind, we get started by:

  • Clarifying your goals for the collateral piece(s).
  • Reviewing your brand standards and collateral used in the past.
  • Developing an understanding of your customers and sales process.

Before getting new sales collateral, we highly recommend the Simple Strat Blueprint to give you a crystal clear look at where you are now, who your customers are, and a solid plan for moving forward. We’re ready to make sure your sales team has all the tools they need to close your next deal!

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