Deck the Hubs with Tools That’ll Make Your Team Jolly

Treat your team to a more powerful HubSpot portal in the new year with a little something from our HubSpot Gift Guide.

 Adding or Upgrading a HubSpot Hub is a Gift that Keeps on Giving 

Each hub provides a set of tools and features to help businesses sled into the new year at full speed. They all work seamlessly together within your existing HubSpot portal, empowering your team to do more with the tool they already know and love.

In this guide, we’ll break down some of our favorite features of each hub to help you figure out which one(s) might make a great gift for you and your team in the coming year.


Simple Strat HubSpot Consultants

‘Tis the Season for Great Deals on HubSpot Upgrades

We’ve helped a lot of folks buy or upgrade HubSpot, and we often find the best deals at the end of the year. Let us help you upgrade this month to maximize your savings.

As a certified Diamond-Level HubSpot Solutions Partner, and the founders of the HubSpot Hacks YouTube channel, Simple Strat is uniquely positioned to help you get the most out of a HubSpot upgrade — just in time for the holidays.


  • Access to better HubSpot pricing — our strong relationships with the HubSpot sales team helps us negotiate better deals for clients.
  • Personalized onboarding — with flexible tailored HubSpot onboarding options, you can stop wasting time with generic, one-size-fits-all implementation assistance.
  • HubSpot Certified Trainer — get the expertise in training and delivery that meets the high quality standards set by HubSpot Academy.
  • No mark-up or middleman — we act as your partner to help you get the best deal, your HubSpot subscription and billing will still be handled directly with HubSpot.
    “We’ve had an excellent experience working with Simple Strat. We already had other Hubs set up, but we were setting up our Sales Hub for the first time when we realized we needed some outside help. Simple Strat was able to get us on the calendar really quickly, and the hourly model was really flexible for us.”

    DeAnna Swearingen, Chief Operating Officer

    Make Your Team’s Spirits Bright With a New or Upgraded Hub

    Take a look at HubSpot’s available hubs and our favorite features in each of them. Most of what we highlight is available in the Professional and Enterprise levels of each hub.

    Sales Hub

    Save your sales team some time and unwrap powerful revenue reporting and forecasting.

    • Use Sequences to automate outreach and follow-up to sales prospects.
    • Train & align your sales team with Playbooks to guide them through calls and simplify note taking. 
    • Easily forecast potential revenue and set goals for your sales team.
    • Streamline your sales process with e-signed Quotes, Product libraries, and online Payments. 
    • Automate tasks, notifications, and CRM updates based on Deals and how they progress.

    Professional-level price before discounts or additional users: $500/month

    Service Hub

    Keep your customers merry with omnichannel support, self-serve tools, and feedback surveys.

    • Create service tickets from many channels and automate routing across your team.
    • Help your customers help themselves with a Knowledge Base and Customer Portal. 
    • Streamline customer onboarding with a step-by-step pipeline and automated tasks.
    • Gain new insight and identify your promoters with Customer Feedback Surveys.
    • Keep your team accountable to creating a superior customer experience with SLAs and advanced reporting.

    Professional-level price before discounts or additional users: $500/month

    Marketing Hub

    Sleigh the competition with tools to attract audiences, collect leads, and nurture future customers.

    • Automate emails to leads and customers to nurture and notify.
    • Schedule posts and track performance across social media channels.
    • Host a blog with minimum maintenance and maximum search traffic.
    • Collect more leads with forms, landing pages, and digital advertising integrations.
    • Get insight into every lead’s interactions with your website and marketing content.
    • Organize your efforts, drive greater performance, and track it all with Campaigns, A/B Testing, and advanced Analytics.

    Professional-level price before discounts or additional contacts: $890/month

    Operations Hub

    Keep your portal festive and bright with clean data, connected systems, and custom workflow actions.

    • Clean and deduplicate data with ease in workflows and your Data Quality Command Center — no more KRIS kRingles or copycat Rudolphs hanging out in your HubSpot.
    • Programmable automation allows you to do more with workflows through custom code-based workflow actions.
    • Sync data with other systems, including custom properties and historical information.
    • Make custom reporting more accessible to the rest of your team with custom datasets.

    Professional-level price before discounts: $800/month

    CMS Hub

    This is what you get when a high-quality website builder and a powerful CRM meet under the mistletoe.

    • Stop worrying about plugin updates — CMS Hub just keeps working and has security features built in.
    • Build pages with drag-and-drop modules, custom templates, or both.
    • Personalize pages and content for your leads and customers based on data from your HubSpot CRM.
    • Build and preview new or updated pages in private with Content Staging.
    • Get recommendations for SEO on every page.

    Professional-level price before discounts: $400/month

    How to See What Hubs You Have Today

    1. Log into HubSpot.
    2. Click your company name in the top right corner.
    3. Select Account & Billing in the dropdown menu.
    4. Your current hubs will be listed about half-way down the page under the “Products & Add-ons” headline.

    *Note that you may not be able to find this information if you don’t have sufficient user permissions in your HubSpot portal. In that case, ask anyone on your team who has Super Admin permissions.

    Schedule a Call With a HubSpot Specialist

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