Buyer Journey Workshop

Map out the data, properties, and flow you need to maximize HubSpot success

Visualize the movement of your data through HubSpot

The Buyer Journey Workshop is designed for businesses seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their HubSpot implementation. If you’re facing challenges in aligning your operational processes with the capabilities of HubSpot, or you’re not sure how to get started in the first place, this is for you.

We’ll help you address common issues like the mismatch between current business practices and HubSpot’s toolset, or the underutilization of features in tracking the customer journey. A client favorite, this workshop brings incredible clarity to your sales and marketing processes.

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“I really enjoyed the Buyer’s Journey Workshop; that was a real highlight for me. It was great to create a piece of documentation and get an understanding that we can now circulate around the team. It has changed our company’s approach to sales and marketing, and that’s really been fundamental.”

Grace Tolley
Director of Product, HomeViews

Workshop Components

The Buyer Journey Workshop is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding and practical application of HubSpot best practices, customized to align with your specific business processes. Whether you’re a novice or a power user, we’ll enhance your HubSpot proficiency, and you’ll leave with newfound confidence in your ability to leverage its full potential.

Here’s how it works:

  • Part 1: We do a deep dive into your existing process for attracting, converting, closing, and delighting buyers. Don’t worry: if your processes have gaps today, we want to know those too!
  • Part 2: You get advice on the best way to use HubSpot’s buyer’s journey tools, such as lifecycle stages and deal pipelines, to support your processes. Find out how to achieve more accurate forecasting, streamlined reporting, cleaner data, and less manual work for sales teams.
  • Part 3: Get the buyer’s journey flowchart – we tailor HubSpot’s best practices to fit your unique business model and operational processes.

A good CRM should help you prioritize who to reach out to and what to talk to them about to move them towards the next step towards a purchase.

The Buyer Journey Workshop is designed to do just that, with a visual model of your exact setup to match (as shown in the visual example here). Use this to guide efforts and builds going forward!

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