Haymarket Parking

We love The Haymarket and the hustle and bustle that seems to always be going on. With all this activity, parking can sometimes be a little hectic. Below you’ll find plenty of Haymarket parking options that will help make your commute easy and stress-free.

Check out this link that gives up-to-date parking information and tentative costs per spot!

Street Parking

There are parking stalls located directly in front of our building underneath the O-Street viaduct. The meters in our area take cards or coins and there is the ability to use the Passport Parking App to pay online!

Pro tip: if you’re early for your appointment with us, feel free to circle the blocks a few times in hopes of finding a spot, but if you’re crunched for time, parking in a garage will be your best bet!

Parking Garages

We put together a list of parking options that you can try out as well! These Park & Go parking garages are just a block or so away from our office and would serve as great parking locations for you! Each of these garages will add about a 5-minute walk to your commute time but on the bright side, at least you’ll meet your step goal for the day! Parking garages are almost always a guarantee for finding an open spot and getting you one step closer to our office!

Did this help you out? Let us know if we missed a spot!