We love the Haymarket.

So much so, we decided to live here! Our office is located on the fourth floor of The Apothecary Building on 8th and P. Our digs are adorned with four unique spaces, large windows, and our own conference room! We’re so excited about our new space that we’ve taken the initiative to send you on a visual tour on how to get here.

Step 1: Break out the GPS – 140 N 8th Street

We’re inside The Apothecary building at 140 N 8th Street is – hint: it’s at the corner of three coffee shops so we’re adequately caffeinated. If you visited our previous office at FUSE, we’re just across the street from them now!

Step 2: Come inside and find the elevator!

You’ll notice the beautiful marquee on the wall where you can search for Simple Strat Marketing Agency. You’ll find us on the right side of the marquee at suite 418! Next, you’ll head through the lobby and to the right to find the elevator! It’s tucked back in the corner so it’s like going on a miniature scavenger hunt!

Step 3: Up, up and away to the 4th floor

While you could take the stairs up to our fourth-floor abode, there is a secret code to get through the doors. Sorry, being healthy will have to wait for another time. Hop in the elevator and push the button for floor number four.  Hey while you’re there, practice that elevator pitch!

Step 4: Hey look, that’s us!

Step out of your elevator cruise and turn to the left and you’ll see that you’re headed straight for suite 418! Set off on the final stretch of your adventure and keep your eyes peeled for our office!

Step 5: Come on in!

A good five to ten steps later, you’ll see the Simple Strat logo perfectly placed on our office window. But wait! While there are two doors that could get you into our trendy new space, you’ll want to make sure to come in the first door. We don’t have a doorbell so just walk on in and we’ll greet you with a smile!

We hope this helps! See you soon.

Did we miss a step? Let us know!